Dec 27, 2008

bestuvoate: Fake Shark Real Zombie + Designer Drugs


I dont know hardly anything about Fake Shark-Real Zombie other than they're from Vancouver, BC and one of the tracks off their debut album this year was so aptly named "Designer Drugs". So fitting that New York's Designer Drugs were then approached to bang out a remix. Even more fitting that it lands on #5 for this year's top remixes.

Fake Shark-Real Zombie! - Designer Drugs (Designer Drugs Remix) | download

Maybe its more of a personal choice than anything worthy of technical/industry praise. The remix is a continual ascension of wet-synth buildup, creating a never-ending bounce party for kids on the hardwood. But the track is so addicting, and Designer Drugs has been so consistent in their remix work this year, I felt obligated to give them the props they deserve.



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