Feb 2, 2010

Designer Drugs + Free Shit [tickets]

If you've been absent from the hypem charts the last couple days, then you'll have missed the Midnight Conspiracy Remix of Chromeo's "Night By Night" [here]. Well the kids with the golden eyeball are hosting a new monthly party titled Delorean Nites (i know, suiting).

The new Dance-party-du-jour is sure to make it's mark early bringing in rave faves Designer Drugs. Along side DD (NYC) are a group of Chicago faves; Midnight Conspiracy, Skylar, Custom Vibes and Punky Fresh.

It's sure to be quite the gig, and to help you poor 18+ year olds out, we're giving away two sets of tix. Just email us your name and your favorite LOST character to dasMetzger@gmail.com and we'll pick out the winners (at random). Details->

DELOREAN NITES // 18+ Dance Party @ Lincoln Hall (2424 N Lincoln)


(NYC, iheartcomix)


Midnight Conspiracy - http://www.myspace.com/midnightconspiracy
Skyler (Rehab) -http://twitter.com/killskyler
Broken Disco 1980 (Custom Vibes) -http://www.custom-vibes.com/
Punky Fresh - http://www.myspace.com/punkyfreshsounds

Designer Drugs - Drop Down (Mendel Remix) | 320 kbs


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tierra said...

Love the Mendel remix! Too bad I don't live nearby...otherwise I'd drop by!